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This page represents a general classification of the types of installations available; however, Strata will produce any custom sign installation to fit your needs.

Freestanding and Monument Signs
This type of sign is generally larger in size. Subdivision signs, development signs, city entrance signs, school signs, business signs, and restaurant signs are good candidates for this type of sign.

Freestanding signs that are 10 or more feet wide are considered monument signs. To give the impression of permanence and stability, 2, 3 or 4, 6" X 6" cedar posts are grouped at each end. Signs of this type can be either single or double-sided. Single-sided signs will have embedded galvanized pipes in backing for added strength.

Double-sided signs are also provided with embedded steel piping for reinforcement that are not visible. Single-sided monument signs that are to be affixed to an existing stone or brick structure will incorporate metal clips on the back for flush mounting to the wall.

No Trespassing Signs and Street Address Signs
These are smaller units, usually 36" in width or less that are freestanding and attached to one or two cedar posts. Street address signs can be fitted with steel brackets for installation on wood or metal street lights or posts.

Hanging Signs with Brackets
Hanging signs are ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars, retail shops, or any application where building frontage is at a premium. In most cases, these signs are double-sided which provides an exceptional 180 degree angle of view. Stock wrought iron brackets are available for hanging signs of up to 4 feet in width in many styles. Custom brackets for larger sizes can be produced at low cost. Hanging signs are usually double-sided units. If your site has a side door entrance or the sign will be installed against a building wall for example, a single-sided hanging sign will fit the bill.

Framed Hanging Signs
Freestanding signs in larger sizes can be framed with simple cedar posts. This type of hanging sign works well as an office sign or medical sign where many separate offices occupy a single building complex. Features can include individual hanging, replaceable panels that are easily changed in the event of new tenants. Strata will supply these panels at modest cost as the need arises. Framed hanging signs are a great solution for building sites with adequate space for this type of installation.

Smaller Signs
Property, residential, business, or office signs can be produced as single sided signs staked in the center back.These are removable signs that can be moved to different sites. Post work for double sided signs is a simple construction of three pieces of 4" X 4". A cross piece at the top serves as the hanger. Necessary hardware is included with the order and installation is a snap. The advantage of this type of sign is that it can be placed on the property to obtain maximum visibility.

Wall Mounted Signs
Wall mounted signs are good candidates as restaurant, office, and retail signs where space is available on the front or side of your building. There are no size constraints. These signs can span the entire width of the facade, or can be a smaller unit attached to the wall at the entrance door. Wall mounted signs, in various sizes are also considered monument signs when affixed to prebuilt stone or brick masonry constructions.

All Strata signs are engineered for quick and easy installation. On freestanding units, galvanized steel pipes run through the entire width of the sign. The piping extends past the sides of the sign. This provides stubs on each side of the sign that fit into matching holes in the post work. No hardware is required for assembly. Installation instructions are included with delivery. Necessary hardware for hanging signs and wall mounted signs is included with your order. For those customers located in the Chicago area, installation is provided by a local contractor at reasonable cost.



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