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City signs

These city signs were commissioned by a small community in Alabama. Each was installed at either end of town in a landscaped median at main thoroughfares. The mountain motif reflects the locale of the city in a rugged portion of the state. The gray and red color scheme was taken from the city’s high school varsity football team.

City welcome signs located at the business section of your town will invite customers to local retailers and enhance the look of the downtown area. Whether you’re looking for several smaller hanging signs or a 16’ wide freestanding unit in wood or HDU, Strata has the capability to provide you with the best possible solution.

Larger communities may require city entry signs positioned at various points around the town. In this case, Strata offers substantial discounts for multiple city sign orders.

All city entrance signs are securely crated to arrive safely at your location. Corresponding paint for post work is included in crate to avoid the hassle of mixing paints and ease the installation process.



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City Signs
City of Boaz (2 signs)
Two 8' X 5' city signs were constructed of 1-1/2" thick western
red cedar. Heavy cedar lumber backing was employed
to resist warpage.

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