Hanging Signs



Hanging Signs

Everyone wants to feel good when they arrive home. The "Heritage Woods" composite hanging sign sent out a highly visible yet endearing message to everyone. This hanging neighborhood entrance sign was unique in that it was executed as a single-sided hanging unit rigidly affixed to a heavy cedar wood framework. This subdivision developer clearly wanted something different and Strata delivered.

A well crafted, finely painted hanging entrance sign will endure for many years and will be an elegant as well as solid solution to identifying your neighborhood. A feel-good beacon to all who see it.

Along with this hanging sign, detailed drawings of the custom postwork were provided to aid the local carpenter in the construction of the support system. The order also consisted of 16 lot markers, stake mounted in front of each of the new homes to help prospective buyers identify their choice of homes in this new subdivision.

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Hanging Signs
Heritage Woods
6' X 4' , 1-1/2" thick HDU mounted to custom cedar postwork,
16 - 24"X 9" lot markers in HDU

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