Outdoor Business Signs



Outdoor Business Signs

The Gadohi Usquanigodi Spiritual Retreat Center is located in a densely wooded area in south Chicago. The secluded spot needed direction signs placed in various locations to aid participants in finding the main complex. The large direction sign with the carved “wolf” logo was installed at the main street entrance, with smaller units placed sequentially along the road to the central compound area.

Directional signs for businesses, strategically placed at entryways and parking areas, are a great way to ease the flow of traffic and enable your customers to find you.

If there is a large turnover of tenants in a retail or office environment, removable hanging panels can be employed under the main unit that are easily changed.

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outdoor business signs by strata custom carved wood signage chicago

Outdoor Business Signs
Gadohi Usquanigodi
All single-sided HDU, free standing main unit 7' X 4'
Smaller direction sign 3' X 2-1/2'
Address sign and parking sign, 30" X 8", 30" X 12" respectively

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