Outdoor Church Signs



Outdoor church signs

The Tannehill Lodge sign shown here is an example of a design submitted by the sign buyer. A rough sketch was provided by this Texas based Masonic Lodge with specific requirements. In many cases, a lodge or religious symbol may have to be modified or completely redrawn to suit the sign production process. In these instances, our experienced designers will maintain the integrity of the design and make the best possible presentation.

Strata takes the “surprise” factor out of your sign buying experience by submitting a full-color comprehensive drawing of your sign design via email. You get exactly what you ordered.

This was an interior sign mounted above the double doors leading into the lodge hall. Cedar reinforcing boards were embedded into the back to provide fixing points to the wall. All hanging hardware was supplied.

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outdoor church signs by strata signs chicago

Outdoor Church Signs
Tannehill Lodge
30" x 18" , 1-1/2" thick HDU

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