Neighborhood Monument Signs



Neighborhood Monument Signs

Monument signs are larger units, generally ten feet or more in width if free standing, with appropriate post work and landscaping. They can also be smaller sign panels affixed to a pre-constructed stone or masonry structure.

Set to open in February ’08, The Center for Courageous Kids is a non-profit medical camping facility for children with life-threatening illnesses. A three paneled, gray stone edifice was constructed at the main entrance to greet patients and their families.

The only criteria in design was to use existing lettering styles and the facility's mascot, “Dr. Cubby." Four individual panels were agreed upon so as not to obscure the massive stonework.

HDU (High Density Urethane) was chosen as the base material for a maintenance free installation. HDU signs can virtually last a lifetime. The material is completely weatherproof under any climate condition. It is lightweight and inert, thus assuring prolonged paint-life. Graining was employed to simulate sandblasted wood.

Monument signs are suitable for use as subdivision signs, corporate signs, city entrance signs, church signs, school signs, etc. Structures can be made of stone, brick work, and stuccoed cinder block. Heavy timber framework is an economical approach for similar results. Contact your local mason for competitive quotes.

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Neighborhood Monument Signs
The Center for Courageous Kids
"Dr. Cubby" logo and welcome banner, 5' X 5' multi-layered
and carved HDU. Main title, 10' X 2' with wood grained outline
in HDU. Side text panels 8' X 20" in HDU


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