Pizzeria Signs



Pizzeria Signs

Sign for opening of a deep dish pizzeria. Pizza Depot is a local chain of pizza restaurants located in Northern Illinois. This particular site is one of several adjoining office and retail stores within a mini-mall. Two buildings face each other across a large parking area, each containing four spaces. All shop signs are the same shape and size and are mounted atop a continuous mansard roof.

Because all of the signs in this mall are installed on the mansard roof section, customized reinforcing and mounting points were provided to this customer that adhered to the owners specifications. The letter style is the logo of this chain. We had to redraw this custom hand lettered style to convert it to line work for production. If you have a logo to be included in your sign, please furnish us a line version (vector) if possible.











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pizzeria signs

Pizzeria Signs
Pizzeria Deepo
8' X 3' , Routed HDU

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